Main Hexcited

Hexcited is a puzzle game written in J2ME and meant to be run on cellphones.  Created during the summer of 2006, the project took about a month to complete. 

How to play:
     The player is presented with two rows of hexagons which act as the ceiling and the floor. One at a time, hexagon shaped game pieces appear on the ceiling. The player can move the piece on the ceiling left or right, and drop it onto the play field. The piece falls until it hits the floor or lands on top of a already dropped piece.
As time passes the floor moves closer to the ceiling. If any of the dropped pieces get pushed into the ceiling or the floor reaches the ceiling, the game is lost.
     The player can make the floor recede by removing pieces from the board. This is done by arranging pieces into groups of the same color. A group of pieces is created when three or more pieces of the same color all touch each other.

Left, Right arrows -- Move the piece on the ceiling horizontally.
Down arrow ---------- Drop the piece on the ceiling to the floor.