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Hexstatic is a puzzle game written in J2ME / BREW and meant to be run on cellphones. Created during the summer of 2006, the projects took about two months to complete.

How to play:
     The player is presented with two rows of hexagons which act as the play field ceiling and floor. As time passes, rows of pieces come up from the floor and push everything on top of them up. The player will lose if any of the columns of pieces reach the ceiling.
     The player can remove a single piece from the play field at a time and hold it. This piece can then be reinserted anywhere in the play field. Inserting the piece somewhere that already contains a piece will swap the pieces, making the piece from the play field the new held piece. A piece put into a empty area will fall until it hits another piece or the floor. If the player isn't holding a piece and grabs a piece, all the pieces on top of the piece being grabbed will fall.
     The player can permanently remove game pieces from the play field. This is done by arranging pieces into groups of the same color. A group of pieces is created when three pieces of the same color all touch each other.
     When a group is created, the pieces in the group start to flash and a timer begins to count down. As long as the timer is running the pieces in the play area are frozen in place. Pieces placed in the air will stay there, and pieces on top of a piece being grabbed won't fall. The player receives bonus points for creating groups while the play field is frozen. Creating a new group will also reset the timer.  Pieces that are part of a group can't be removed or swapped.
     When the timer finishes, all grouped pieces are removed. Any pieces on top of the pieces removed will fall.  Any pieces that were floating in the air will fall as well.

Left, Right, Up, Down arrows -- Moves the piece selection highlighter.
Select --------------------------------- Swaps whatever is in under the selection highlighter with whatever is in the held piece box.

J2ME Version Screenshots
BREW Version Screenshots