Main Life, Taxes and Death

The Android Unity3D port of my game Life, Taxes and Death. 

Create groups of pieces by putting like colored pieces together in sets of three.
This would be a group of green pieces:

Imagine it like this:
 /   \
G - G

You can pull a piece out of the board and store it. The piece can then be placed elsewhere on the board. Placing the piece on a piece will swap the pieces, putting the held piece on the board and the board piece into the the held slot.

Pieces in groups will be sent to the LRS (Life Revenue Service) when you submit your tax form. The form can't be submitted unless there is at least one group.

When you post to the LRS, the LRS will determine what the monetary value of your form, take out taxes and give you the leftover.

The game ends when you die of old age or when the pieces reach to the top of the screen and a piece gets prevented from being added.

There is a minimum amount of pieces that have to be posted. If the minimum amount is not met, you will be warned. Do it too many times and you will be sent to jail.

There are two buttons, one to post your form to the IRS and one to work harder. Working harder increases the speed that money and item pieces appear on the board, but shortens your lifespan.

Calculator (Accountant)
When posted it will reduce the tax rate you pay on the pieces in the post. The more calculator pieces you post, the greater the savings. It also posts all pieces that are the same color as the piece the item is on.

Tax Fraud
This is a harmful item. If selected, it will cause you to be sent to jail for a tax related crime.

? (Unexpected life-changing event)
This is a potentially harmful item. It waits on the board for some amount of time. When it starts to animate you know it is getting ready to trigger. When it triggers, all the pieces on the board have their colors changed to red, green and blue.

Tractor-Trailer (Expenses)
A potentially harmful event. It waits on the board for some amount of time. When the time is up, the Expenses truck will drive through the board, destroy anything in its way.

Available on the Google Play store for free:

Life, Taxes and Death