Main Voltz DS

Voltz DS is a homebrew game developed for the Nintendo DS. Feel the power coursing through your hands in this highly interactive puzzler.

The story:
Trouble has broken out on the Circuit Boards, and dangerous levels of electricity have built up on critical processing nodes. It is up to you to remove the excess energy before the boards are destroyed!

How to play:
The game is broken up into levels, with each level consisting of a circuit board filled with various numbers of charged nodes. The player must remove all the charges from the board before moving on to the next level.
Nodes can hold at most four volts of electricity. When a node is charged past the maximum amount, it discharges the stored energy along the four adjacent node connectors. This energy will travel straight along the board until it hits a node that contains a charge or safely leaves the board.
The player has a battery which can be used to add energy to nodes. Due to the malfunctions, only a small amount of backup energy is available. The battery can be recharged by creating chains of node bursts. The more bursts in the chain, the more energy is added to the battery.

Tap nodes to add energy. Each tap drains a volt from the player's battery and adds it to the node's stored charge. Completely fill a node without having to tap by drawing a line through it.

Items are obtained by clearing boards. Only one of each item type can be stored at a time, and each item can only be used once.

A small battery, it contains enough energy to burst a single node.

Node Drain
This handy little device can completely drain any charged node and add the energy to the player's battery.